Why…Hello There!

8 thoughts on “Why…Hello There!”

  1. I’m new to your blog, but I subscribed because of the cozy content. I’ve recently fallen in love with the genre and wanted to find bloggers and youtubers talking about it. I like your style because it’s upbeat and light, though I would love to see deeper dives into your reading, as you suggested!

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  2. Hi Courtney. I do follow your blog. I love supporting you any way that I can. I also enjoy anything you post on cozy mysteries, of course 😊📚. I also enjoy having you share more about yourself and your life, that gives me opportunity to share mine with you 😊

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  3. Hi, i like your idea of a deeper dive and would love to read when you post one chapter a week of your WIP. I had no idea this blog existed, but i think it would be good to have the detail here. The social media pages are great for quick updates, polls, book clubs but here is where the meat of the stories could be. I will watch now, thanks for asking our opinion!

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  4. Hey Court: I would love to see more blog posts about your visits to see your friend Lisa in San Diego. Bwah haha – do you like the subliminal suggestions! But seriously – I think you could us this platform for more deep thoughts kind of posts. You know…things that don’t neatly fit into a video format and need way more explanation that the typical 10 minute video format. Or non-cozy but still fun things like how you planner your wedding, how you chose your venue, how you knew Aaron was the one – cute stories like that maybe. XOXO Lisa

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